How To Start A Blog

How To Start A Blog – My Tops Tips Following 7 Years Of Blogging and earning an income through my blog and affiliate partners.
How To Start A Blog - My Tops Tips Following 7 Years Of Blogging and earning an income through my blog and affiliate partners.

How To Start A Blog

As I’m nearing my 7th year of blogging, I felt it was about time I shared a page dedicated to those of you who would like to start a blog yourself.

You have a passion which you’d like to share and inspire a legion of fans to look forward to your every post and every word. You’re just not sure where to begin!

On this page you’ll find my top tips for how to start a blog.

Choose Your Niche

If you’re into food and want to start a food blog, really think long and hard about whether there’s a specific niche which you can create content about.

You may find that it’s difficult to stand out among the crowded food blogging sphere if you’re posting the same recipes as everyone else.

Find your own unique niche. Just make sure that it’s a sustainable topic that you can write about for months and years to come.

Decide On Your Name

Maybe a fun spin on your name, or a unique spin on the niche you plan to write it could be your blog name.

Or, your blog name may just come to you and be too good to pass up.

Secure Your Domain Name & Hosting

Once you have your awesome blog name idea, get to work at securing your domain name and hosting.

I’ve been with Bluehost since the dawn of my blog and I can honestly say, hand on heart, that they are reliable and make the whole blogging process operate smoothly and without any worries.

Set Up Your Blog

When you secure your domain and hosting with Bluehost, it’s simply a matter of clicking a couple of buttons and you can have your WordPress blog created.

The next simple step is a fun one – picking your blog’s theme. Studiopress make things really easy and user friendly. I use the Genesis Framework which has a choice of beautiful, ready to use themes which you can explore and choose one to suit you and your blog.
StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes

Create Your Content

I’m old school and just love to sit with and put pen to paper. I just write blog post ideas that come to me. It’s then easy to pick the best of the ideas to explore further.

You could follow the tried and tested “brain dump” method. Just write out the thoughts in your head about your topic. Don’t think too long and hard or analyse what you’re writing. Just write and then see what you come up with.

Also consider creating content around upcoming seasons or holidays or special events that you’re passionate about and would interest your audience.

Just Create!

There’s nothing stopping you from starting a blog and sharing your passion with others. You’ll find it to be incredibly rewarding. And find yourself wondering why you didn’t start sooner!

Disclosure – this post contains affiliate links.