Prahran Market – Organic Finds

Prahran Market Melbourne

The other day I took the kids for an outing to Prahran Market – a Melbourne Market I visit regularly. I LOVE the Organic Produce available and the kids love the playground. So, it’s an outing with minimum fuss and maximum enjoyment for all.

A quick side note – when I first moved to Melbourne I found pronouncing “Prahran” a little tricky, so if you’re like me, I refer you to Wikipedia which helpfully explains “Prahran is pronounced “pruh-RAN”, also known colloquially as “Pran”.”

Back to the Prahran Market Outing…

Ripe The Organic Grocer
Prahran Market Hours

My first stop at Prahran Market is always Ripe The Organic Grocer to oggle at their gorgeous, fresh, organic produce.

On this visit I picked up some beetroot (for making Beetroot Chips) and kiwi. I find it difficult to resist organic kiwi, I find they taste oodles sweeter and fresher than non-organic kiwis.

Prahran Market Melbourne
Prahran Market Melbourne

Next I head to Paddlewheel, a farmers market type stall providing a host of local seasonal produce as well as a selection of delicious dairy and deli type foods.

I was delighted to find fresh Asparagus, and discovered that it was the first of the season having only just arrived the previous day from a local farm.

Prahran Market Melbourne

I pulled a bunch of Asparagus down to show the kids who were (patiently) sitting in their double pram. Mr 4 was curious, but a little cautious at the same time, about what I was prodding in his direction. I explained to him that they are the first Asparagus of the season and we’ll take some home to sample. They were delicious in a Chicken Stir Fry a few nights later – tender and full of flavor.

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Hagens Organic Butcher 
Prahran Market Melbourne

I become giddy with excitement when I approach Hagens Organic Butcher (which also happens to be  my favorite Melbourne Butcher) there’s always an abundance of fresh, local meat and chicken on display and the quality is unbelievable.

On this visit I “stocked up” (Pardon the pun!) on some Organic Chicken Wings which were transformed into a Sensational Homemade Chicken Stock.

Kids Playground

The highlight of Prahran Market for the kids is the playground, which offers a chance for the kids to stretch their legs and run around a little, and for me to check my shopping list to make sure nothing is forgotten!

There’s also free face painting on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, and other great events to keep the kids entertained on market days.

Fuji Mart

Just before heading back home, I always make a (not so) quick stop at Fuji Mart, a Japanese Supermarket on Elizabeth Street, a tiny walk from Prahran Market. Fuji Mart has an organic section that is well stocked and well priced. In the past I’ve found brown rice pasta, soba noodles, udon noodles, quinoa and a selection of vinegar varieties.  (all organic!)

I picked up some Brown Rice Vinegar and Soba Noodles and headed home just before the kids lost their cool!

I loved the outing to Prahran Market. I picked up some fresh, seasonal produce and the kids enjoyed the run around in the playground. Mr 2 fell asleep on the journey home, exhausted from the morning’s activity, while I plotted how I’d enjoy my latest buys…

For details of Prahran Market Hours and useful information about how to get to Prahran Market and information about Prahran Market Traders, see their Website.

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  1. What a great market! Would love to have something even close to this in my town.