Breakfast Ideas for Kids & Mango Yoghurt Recipe

How is your October Unprocessed going? I feel it’s great to have a month to focus on consciously making better food choices. I’ve been enjoying experimenting with breakfast ideas for the kids – having been a cereal addicted family in the past, it’s refreshing to enjoy something different most mornings – and the kids are loving it too!

Here are some of the yummy Breakfast Ideas the kids (and adults!) have been enjoying:

  • Homemade Fruit Yoghurt (Recipe below)
  • Fruit Slices – strawberries, apples, bananas and oranges are all favorites at the moment
  • Nuts – the boys are especially loving cashews
  • Homemade Jam on fresh Sourdough Bread
  • Breakfast in a Jar including homemade yoghurt, nuts and fruit
  • Banana & Coconut Bread
  • Eggs – the kids favorites are french toast or scrambled eggs

When it comes to yoghurt I like to make it myself to avoid artificial colors, flavors, additives and the addition of WAY too much sugar which are usually found in store bought fruit flavored yoghurts.

I make the Mango Yoghurt by starting with plain natural yoghurt, the type consisting of just milk and yoghurt cultures – no sugars, thickeners, colors, flavors etc etc etc. For this batch I used two cups of plain natural yoghurt.

To the plain natural yoghurt I add whatever fruit I have to hand – a couple of oranges or a punnet of strawberries for example. For the mango yoghurt I chopped up the flesh from two fresh mangoes and mixed them through the plain natural yoghurt.

I like to taste for sweetness and then add some maple syrup depending on the sweetness of the fruit. For the mango yoghurt I used two shallow tablespoons of sugar – but you could use more or less depending on the sweetness of the fruit and how sweet (or sour) your family like their yoghurt.

I turned this breakfast idea for kids into a Breakfast Muffin Tin Meal which I put together for the kids (they each had their own) – consisted of scrambled eggs, mango yoghurt and orange segments – a simple and delicious combination that they adored. I recently added some cute forks and spoons to my Muffin Tin Meal/Bento Supplies – they are the perfect size for little hands to feed themselves! Mr 2 loves elephants so the elephant spoon and fork proved to be a huge hit with him (The set also includes a set of rabbit, dog and chicken forks and spoons).

Mango Yoghurt Recipe
2 Cups Plain Natural Yoghurt
2 Mangoes – skin removed and flesh chopped
1 to 2 Tablespoons of Maple Syrup (where to find maple syrup)

1. In a 4 Cup container, which has an airtight lid, mix together the yoghurt and mangoes until well combined.
2. Add the Maple Syrup to taste and stir through.
3. Refrigerate and use within 4 days.

I’d love to hear from you. Please share your favorite Breakfast Ideas for Kids.

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  1. I like the muffin tin idea, it looks like it helps add variety to each meal. I found your post on MOnday Mania.

  2. We just love Mango, this looks delicious! Thank you so much for sharing your awesome recipe with Full Plate Thursday. Hope you have a great weekend and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

  3. oh yummy! Mango is so delicious…. What child wouldn’t jump out of bed for these delicious treats…???

  4. My son asked for mangoes this morning, but I didn’t think they were still in season. I’ll have to check at the store, because you are making me crave them!

  5. Wow! you have a lot of really great recipes!! My family is also on the GAPS diet ( I see that you are now off…thanks for your post on transitioning off). Thanks for sharing all your recipes with us, I know what hard work it is! Check out my GAPs-friendly recipes and journey @