GAPS Introduction Diet – Stage 4

Stage 4 of the GAPS Introduction Diet began with a shopping trip to buy a juicer. (I got a Breville Juice Fountain, which I absolutely love, click here for more details about the juicer.) The kids were excited at the presence of a new machine in the kitchen, but were a little underwhelmed when the efforts of the shiny new machine produced only a small cup of Carrot Juice each.

Thankfully, they begrudgingly drank their carrot juice. Maybe it’s because juice is not part of their normal diet that it’s just not a food/drink that they were excited about. As we progressed through Stage 4, though, and introduced other juice varieties they got a little more excited for their morning juice.

The kids (and adults) had a good giggle at the interesting shapes of the irregular juicing carrots… what do you think?

Stage 4 also meant our first taste of BREAD in a couple of weeks. I followed a recipe from 30 Days On GAPS Intro Handbook, using a giant Zucchini I bought at a Farmers Market. As opposed to their underwhelming juice reaction, they were ECSTATIC at the prospect of their first taste of bread.

Another exciting food addition was Roast Meats. We savoured the first roast chicken after eating plain, boiled chicken the past couple of weeks… what a delicious difference roasting makes. Turns out Mr 4’s new favorite food is…. Chicken Skin… the crispier the better! I’ve had to be careful though because on The GAPS Diet it’s best not to consume meat that is too burnt/crispy.

I experimented with incorporating different vegetables into pancakes and the kids particularly enjoyed carrots pancakes. I made the Carrot Pancakes by beating together:

I fried 2 tablespoons per pancake in coconut oil and the kids couldn’t get enough of them!

Eczema Update – After Mr 2’s skin breaking out a bit through Stage 3 of the GAPS Introduction Diet, when we progressed onto Stage 4 his skin got remarkably better. As we had seen in Stage 2, his chronic eczema improved day after day.

Overall, so far The GAPS Diet has been a positive experience for our family. The boys have eaten a selection of new foods which they had never tried before. Especially Mr 4 who used to have an incredibly limited diet. We are all eating such a wonderful variety of vegetables and most importantly, I’m confident that we are all experiencing incredible healing thanks to The GAPS Diet.

Now that we are into daily juicing, I’m on the lookout for more and more delicious juice varieties. Please share your favorite juice in the comments below.

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  1. What kind of juicer did you get? Ive been shopping around for one and really want a Hurom but the price scares me lol The slow process, low oxidation of the veggies, low-no foam and the dry pulp is really appealing tho…especially since it does greens too. So yeah, which one did you get and what do you thiink so far?

    • Good question! I got a Breville Juice Fountain (I’ve updated the post with a link for more info). So far I’m happy with it, it’s a bit of a pain to clean, but then I’ve read that most juicers are. The juicer does good work with whole carrots/apples etc! It’s good and a good buy, in my opinion.

  2. So you progressed to another stage even though the eczema issues were still there? I am curious because I have been stuck in stage 1 for a month and a half because eczema is so bad.