Veggie Scrambled Eggs – 6 Ways

Lately, I’ve been making scrambled eggs for the kids in some form or another virtually every day – sometimes for breakfast and sometimes for lunch. I’ve been experimenting with different vegetable inclusions and you know what – they eat (well, demolish!) EVERY Veggie Scrambled Egg offering with no fuss.

I’m all for teaching children about eating vegetables in their whole, natural form but also love finding ways to up their veggie intake without argument. For the record, they do eat a portion of vegetables on the side in addition to their veggie-ful scrambled eggs – the hidden veggies means a bonus increase to their veggies intake for the day.

Below is the scrambled egg recipe I make for the kids, I include 3 eggs between the two of them, if I were making this for adults I’d increase the total to 4 eggs.  As we are on The GAPS Diet I haven’t been including milk of any sort, feel free to add in a little milk if you prefer your eggs a little creamier.

Basic Scrambled Egg Recipe
3 or 4 Eggs
Coconut Oil, for frying (where to find coconut oil)

1. Whisk together the eggs until frothy.
2. Mix your chosen vegetable into the scrambled egg batter. (details below…)
3. Heat the coconut oil over a medium heat in a large frying pan.
4. Pour, carefully, the scrambled egg batter into the hot coconut oil.
5. Cook, stirring regularly to scramble the eggs and ensure that they don’t stick or burn and are cooked evenly.
6. When cooked through, remove to a plate and serve with a salad on the side. My kids adore them topped with homemade sour cream!

Serves 2 Children

Now you have the basic scrambled egg recipe, here are 6 different ways to include a nutritious vegetable portion:

1. Pumpkin Scrambled Eggs

Mix half a cup of cooked, mashed pumpkin into the scrambled egg batter in step 2 above.

2. Carrot Scrambled Eggs

Grate 1 raw carrot into the scrambled egg batter in step 2 above.

3. Zucchini Scrambled Eggs

Grate 1 raw small zucchini into the scrambled egg batter in step 2 above.  If you think they’ll notice the bright green zucchini then you could always peel the skin so the zucchini is better camouflaged. Here’s grated, raw zucchini about to be mixed through the eggs and then the cooked zucchini scrambled eggs…

4. Cauliflower Scrambled Eggs

You could either grate a couple of raw cauliflower florets into the batter or include well cooked, mashed cauliflower instead.

5. Beetroot Scrambled Eggs

By including a 1/4 cup of cooked, mashed beetroot you turn your scrambled eggs into pink scrambled eggs – a surefire kid pleaser!

6. Broccoli Scrambled Eggs

You could either grate a couple of raw broccoli florets or use well cooked, mashed broccoli. Here’s the raw, grated broccoli and then the Broccoli Scrambled eggs…

These Veggie Scrambled Eggs are a simple, nutritious lunch box idea and with 6 different vegetables, you have can experiment with a different vegetable depending on what you have on hand. The kids will love the variety!

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