10 Essential Lunch Box Packing Tips

Next week I’m going to be going on a girls only (extra) long weekend away, which means my wonderful Husband will be looking after the kids by himself for the first time!

In preparation, I’ve been cooking a couple of meals, making a couple of checklists and sending a number of emails to my Husband with recipes and tidbits of information to keep him organized and sane…

While I’m away he will also be packing a number of the boys lunch boxes and so I’ve made sure he has a copy of my eBook The Grain Free Lunch Box handy as it’s full of tips to help keep him organized and recipes the kids love.

I thought I’d share my list of essential lunch box packing tips which I’ll be sharing with my Husband, to make it extra easy for him to pack the lunches (all I have to do is send him the link to this blog post!)


Here are my 10 Essential Lunch Box Packing Tips:

1. Before going shopping for lunch box food, find what you already have in the house which can be transformed into lunch box fare.

2. Write out a “to do” list and menu and keep it on the fridge.

3. Keep a list on the fridge of last minute snacks, such as organic sultanas, to remind you to add a little extra when the lunch box is almost “complete”.

4. Pack as much as you can the night before so it’s not a rush in the morning and to avoid anything being forgotten.

5. Ask the kids what they would like in their lunch boxes, within reason, to make preparation a little easier.

6. Have all lunch boxes and snack boxes open and ready to fill when you’re ready to pack lunch boxes. I like using Lunch Bots Quad Lunch Box, because there are 4 perfect sized compartments for the kid’s lunches.

7. Make a little extra for dinner or cook a double batch of pancakes for breakfast so that leftovers can go into the lunch box at the same time.

8. Frozen Organic Peas absolutely count as a vegetable portion! A perfect last minute inclusion if you don’t have time to chop fresh veggies!

9. Do a quick check that the lunch box includes the major food groups – a generous carbohydrate (sandwich or pancakes) to keep them going, as well as a protein, a fruit and a vegetable portion.

10. Relax! Get the kids to help out by (safely) chopping fruit and vegetables for their lunch boxes. While you’re at it, chop fruit and vegetables for a few days at a time to save time in the morning.

If you’re after more lunch box planning tips and recipes to help with making school lunch boxes for the kids or lunch boxes for road trips or day long outings, then check out my eBook The Grain Free Lunch Box, which includes 50+ Grain, Gluten, Nut, Dairy & Refined Sugar Free Recipes, Lunch Box Nutrition Tips and guidance for Lunch Box Organization & Planning. Click here to learn more! 

Please share your lunch box packing tips in the comments – I’m sure they will help other readers. (and my Husband too!)

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  1. My kids ask for Salad in a jar for lunch.
    Layer salad dressing (home made at our house) on the bottom, then add chopped veggies, cheese, meat etc, and last lettuce or other greens. Leave room in the top for shaking. Shake when you are ready to eat.
    We use a wide mouth canning jar.