20 Cooking With Kids Activities

Over the course of our Winter Holiday break here in Australia I got in the kitchen with the kids numerous times for cooking adventures.

Here are 20 Cooking With Kids Activities to keep you busy while the kids are home and to help kids with their fine and gross motor skills, their mathematics (when measuring ingredients), help develop their ability to follow instructions/recipes and maybe even encourage them to try a healthy new food or two along the way:

1. Stirring Cake Batter (Carrot is optional!)

2. Practice chopping fruit/vegetables with child safe knives. (where to find child safe knives)

3. Measure ingredients using different sized spoons, measuring cups and counting the volume as you go.

4. Allow them to get their hands into the bowl for a feel of the ingredients.


5. Make Pancakes together. You could cook your way through the delicious pancakes in my newly launched eBook – Gluten Free Pancakes.

6. Cut shapes from fruit/vegetables with mini cookie cutters. (where to find mini cookie cutters)

7. Cook a variety of veggie scrambled eggs together. (click here for the recipe)

8. Let them create their own baked treat masterpiece.

9. Prepare a healthy kids snack together. (Click here for 40 Healthy Kids Snack Ideas)

10. Cook potato pancakes together.

11. Prepare a Muffin Tin Meal together.

12. Crack Eggs for scrambled eggs/omelettes/french toast.

13. Beat eggs using an old fashioned egg beater. (where to find an egg beater)

14. For older children, practice separating eggs.

15. Practice using Chopsticks – maneuvering chopsticks can be a challenging and rewarding task for children. At first, encourage them to practice with chopsticks by picking up bigger pieces of fruit and vegetables before moving onto trikier foods like noodles and rice.

16. Shape hard boiled eggs using an Egg Mold. It’s really simple to do, just click through for a step by step tutorial

17. Prepare, cook and decorate a healthy batch of muffins.  (click here for a set to help the kids cook and decorate muffins/cupcakes)

18. Knead dough or even french toast like my almost 5 year old did here.

19. Scrub potatoes and prepare other vegetables for cooking. (click here for a helpful fruit and veggie prep kit)

20. At the end of your cooking adventures, get them to help wash the dishes!

Please share your favorite cooking with kids activities – I’d love to find more ways to include my kids in my cooking adventures!

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  1. Cooking with children is so much fun. Your great photos just prove this! I always like to cook with children. They enjoy it and I get so many great ideas.


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