20 Ways To Get Kids To Eat More Veggies In Their Lunch Boxes

20 Ways To Get Kids To Eat More Veggies In Their Lunch Boxes

Getting the kids to eat vegetables can be a real challenge, so here are 20 Ways To Get Kids To Eat More Veggies In Their Lunch Boxes:

1. Cucumber Shapes – instead of including cucumber slices in lunch boxes, why not cut them into cute shapes like Stars and Hearts. (where to find mini vegetable cutters)

Cucumber Collage Lunch Box Vegetable Ideas

2. Cherry/Mini Tomatoes can be transformed into a flower, balloon or other shape with the help of bento food picks.

Tomato Flower Collage Kids Eating Veggies

3. If shapes or picks aren’t your thing then simply offering Veggie Sticks along with a sauce for dipping may just entice the kids to enjoy the vegetables on offer.


4. Vegetable Noodles are an ingenious way to include a generous vegetable portion in the kid’s lunch boxes. You could make vegetable noodles with zucchini ( seen below), sweet potato or carrots. (Where to find a Vegetable Spiralizer)
5. Incorporate a generous portion of chopped cucumber into Homemade Tzatziki, which could then be used to dip vegetable sticks or crackers into. (Click here for the recipe)

6. If you think you need to hide vegetables from your kids then you could conceal Sweet Potato in French Toast. (Click here for the recipe)

7. Frozen Peas – the ideal last minute vegetable lunch box solution that requires ZERO preparation. Simply place a portion of frozen vegetables direct from the freezer and into the lunch box. They are usually perfectly thawed by lunch time.

8. Veggie Selection – include your child’s favorite vegetables in a simple and eye-catching presentation.


9. Yes you could conceal spinach leaves in a muffin or brownie or you could simply include a handful of spinach leaves within the lunch box. It’s worth a try – my kids completely surprise me and enjoy eating it by the handful!

10. Once you have your star shaped vegetables I mentioned above then you could serve them in cute Bento Cups for an added colorful feature. (Where to find star shaped cups)

Stars Bento Cups


11. Vegetables can be presented in Cupcake Liners incorporating contrasting colors and textures. (where to find cupcake liners)

Cupcake Liner Collage

12. Rather than serving raw vegetables, you could make vegetable chips. My kids adore Cheesy Eggplant Chips. (Click here for the recipe)

13. Use cute animal food picks to entertain the kids – my kids polished off this plate thanks to the animal food picks. (where to find cute animal food picks)


14. Treat the kids to a batch of homemade muffins – with a portion of vegetables hidden in them. Click here for a rainbow of healthy muffins.

15. Peas are usually a kid favorite on their own, but for a cute kid-friendly presentation you could place a few peas onto a pick for mini pea kebab.

Pea Kebabs

16. As you may have already gathered, I enjoy being a little silly with vegetable presentation, in an attempt to encourage my often picky kids to eat their vegetables. These carrot bunnies are another example of vegetable silliness! (where to find bunny vegetable cutters)

Carrot bunny collage

17. Conceal a vegetable within a kid favorite – mine adore hash browns with hidden leek! (click here for the recipe)


18. Spread sweet potato onto banana slices for a nutritious sweet treat. (click here for the full details)


19. Demonstrate your love with Mini Red Pepper Hearts and a yoghurt heart for dipping. (where to find mini vegetable cutters)

Red Pepper Hearts

20. And the final way to get kids to eat more veggies – Conceal a vegetable in scrambled eggs. I’ve successfully hidden 6 different vegetables in scrambled eggs! Along with the veggie scrambled eggs below there’s also a selection of vegetable sticks – making it a truly veggie-packed lunch box!

I hope you’ve been inspired by these 20 Ways To Get Kids To Eat More Veggies In Their Lunch Boxes – please leave a comment and let me know your kid’s favorite vegetable lunch box inclusion!

20 Ways To Get Kids To Eat More Veggies In Their Lunch Boxes

Here is a selection of the accessories I’ve used above to help encourage the kids to eat the vegetables in their lunch boxes:

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  1. All these ideas are so cute! I need to try using cutters with my kids’ veggies and fruit. Thanks for linking up at Fabulously Frugal Thursday!

  2. Love your ideas especially the vegetable noodles! I’m having trouble with my 4year old and fussiness so hopefully I can get him eating veggies again.


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