5 Benefits Of Losing Weight Slowly

5 Benefits Of Losing Weight Slowly

5 Benefits Of Losing Weight Slowly

Today I shared a video talking you through my thoughts on the 5 benefits of losing weight slowly. If you’re like me and  find that you lose weight slowly, then this content is for you!

You can watch the full video below, here’s a summary of my thoughts:

1. It’s Sustainable

If you’re like me and you’ve been on every diet under the sun. You lose weight quickly and put it back on even quicker!

Finding something that is sustainable in the long term, even if it means slow weight loss, is far more beneficial.

When you’re following a restrictive diet that you just can’t sustain in the long term, then unfortunately it’s an inevitable possibility that the weight will find it’s way back to you.

2. Your Body Has Time To Catch Up

I was recently asked on my YouTube Channel whether I have had any problems with loose skin. The answer? No. I’ve had no problems with loose skin and I believe I owe that to the fact that I’m losing weight slowly.

My body is slowly losing weight. It has time to adjust and catch up without going into shock or suffering from loose skin or other issues.

3. You Enjoy The Process

If you’re following a diet which means you’re hungry all the time, you don’t enjoy the food and it’s restrictive – it’s not going to be any fun and you don’t have any motivation to keep going.

Whereas, when you follow a diet where you look forward to every meal, you’re never hungry and you enjoy the process each and every day – does it matter how long it takes to lose weight?

4. You Don’t Need A New Wardrobe Every Month

Losing weight rapidly means that almost as soon as you buy new clothing, you’re already a smaller size!

While I’ve found that slow weight loss means that I’m slowly shrinking out of my clothing and needing a smaller wardrobe less often.

5. Weight Loss Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Finding a way to lose weight that’s slow, sustainable and fun that you can easily keep following in the long term, for me at least, is the key to success.

I feel that if it takes the better part of a few years to get down to my goal weight, then I don’t really mind. I’m in it for the long term and would rather follow a lifestyle which results in slow weight loss than one where I lose weight quickly, only to put it all back on just as quick – with interest!

5 Benefits Of Losing Weight Slowly Video

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Disclaimer – this post is meant for informational post only and should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult with your health professional before making any dietary changes.

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