Easy Keto Snacks For On The Go

Easy Keto Snacks For On The Go – Low Carb Snack Foods & Ideas to pop into a snack box or lunch box when you’re out and about, for work or late at night.

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Easy Keto Snacks For On The Go

When you’re stuck out and about and need some low carb and easy keto snacks, here are some ideas to seek out at your local supermarket to help you stay on plan.


Packet of Low carb Macadamia Nuts snack

It’s so easy to just head straight for the nut department of your supermarket and grab a bag of your favourite nuts. Mine are macadamias which happen to have virtually perfect Keto Macros –  rich in fat and low in carbs.

Be careful though and don’t be tempted to eat the whole bag – exercise portion control to avoid eating all of your daily carbs in one sitting!


Tub of bocconcini cheese for keto snacks

Whether it’s babybel, a wheel of brie or bocconcini balls – cheese is a great grab and go low carb, keto friendly snack.

My Husband’s favourite is bocconcini and he always has a tub in his fridge at work for snacks through the day. And if he runs out, it’s as easy as running to the nearest supermarket to top up his stock.


Punnet of blueberries which is a low carb fruit snack

Strawberries, blueberries or raspberries make a sweet and delicious snack. Just be sure to exercise portion control or your carbs can creep out of control.


Spinach and feta dip for a keto snack

Find the lowest carb dip option available and then either enjoy by the spoonful or with some chopped celery or cucumber.


Salami for keto snacks

Salami or ready sliced meat is one of my all time favourite go to snacks. I prefer a salami that I found (pictured above) which has the lowest carbs of any ready prepared meat I’ve found. I will often take a few slices out and about with me.

Be sure to read ALL nutritional labels very carefully. While shopping recently I found a tiny 30g bag of beef jerky with a whopping 9g of carbs! Sugar was the second ingredient, which is just not necessary – so, be sure to read carefully and pick the lowest carb options you can find.

Easy Keto Snacks For On The Go Video

Here’s the video where I talk you through my go to easy keto snacks. Hit play below or click here to watch on YouTube.

Easy Keto Snacks For On The Go - Low Carb Snack Foods & Ideas to pop into a snack box or lunch box when you're out and about, for work or late at night.

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