Losing Weight While INCREASING Carbs On Keto

My Experience Of Losing Weight While INCREASING Carbs On Keto – my thoughts and video of a typical day of eating more carbs.

My Experience Of Losing Weight While INCREASING Carbs On Keto - my thoughts and video of a typical day of eating more carbs.


I was a few days shy of my 6 month anniversary on the Keto Diet. I’d followed it to the letter the whole time, sticking to around 20-25g of carbs a day. If you’ve been following my journey for a while you’ll know that the past couple of months I’ve suffered through plateau after plateau, trying different ways to break through.

My most recent being eliminating most dairy. Doing that helped me lose 1 kg/2.2 lbs over the course of a month. I still felt that I was “missing” something and needed further changes to happen to my diet.

So, I decided to experiment with increasing my carb intake and see what happens.

Would I Lose Weight While Consuming More Carbs?

Well, I was surprised to LOSE 0.9 kg/1.9 lbs in the first day of my experiment. The only changes I made were adding a half a cup of coconut water, a half a carrot and doubling my daily berry portion. (From 4 to 8 strawberries – crazy, I know!)

From there, I decided to throw out the Keto rule book and just eat to hunger. Though to be honest, I still gravitated to low carb/keto friendly foods and have yet to touch, nor do I desire old carb staples like bread, pasta or pizza. Instead, I’ve added a portion or two (ok, or three) of “Keto Forbidden” fruit and vegetables – banana, apple, potatoes and beetroot.

I’ve felt good during my Keto Diet experience, but adding more carbs, slowly, I now feel GREAT.

What Do I Call My Diet Now?

So, what “diet” am I on now? To be honest I HATE labels. I’m on the Jolene diet! It’s sort of a combo between Keto/Low Carb/Paleo/Primal/Real Food – depending which day you catch me on. I eat to hunger. I eat intuitively. No food is vilified. I’m losing weight. I’m 35 and feel better than I’ve felt in my 30’s and possibly even my 20’s.

To be clear though, my meals are still low carb and high fat. I’m just no longer in a constant state of Ketosis. I envisage dipping in and out of Ketosis for the forseeable future, with longer periods here and there when I feel like it.

What does this mean for my blog/channel? It means you can expect a WIDE range of recipes, inspiration and my experiences as I experiment and share my journey with food with you. You can expect my full, honest account as I share what works and what doesn’t.

My diet keeps evolving as I learn more and I’m excited to see what happens next…

INCREASING Carbs On Keto Video

Here’s a video of a typical day of eating lately for me while I’ve been increasing my carbs. Watch below or click here to watch on YouTube.

I launched the Quick Start To Keto Diet recently to help those of you wanting to start the Keto Diet but not sure how to begin. It’s the helping hand I would have loved when I started and I put it together to help you. Click here to learn more.

Keto Diet Quick Start Guide

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Disclaimer – this post is meant for informational post only and should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult with your health professional before making any dietary changes.

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