15 Cheap Easy Healthy Meals

15 Cheap Easy Healthy Meals – Low Carb & Keto Diet friendly dinners that are quick to prepare and budget friendly. 

Collage of 15 Cheap Easy Healthy Meals

15 Cheap Easy Healthy Meals

There are so many delicious options of cheap easy healthy meals that also happen to be low carb and keto diet friendly. I pride myself on cooking and sharing the easiest, quickest meals, with as few ingredients as possible and I’ve shared heaps of them on my blog over the years.

Today I’m sharing the best of the best with you. Easy, budget friendly meals, all with only a few ingredients to create a tasty meal. To be taken the full recipe and step by step video tutorial for any of these cheap easy healthy meals, just click on the photo or recipe name. 

1.  Keto Broccoli Casserole – an easy 4 ingredient veggie dinner that’s cheesy and budget friendly too. 

Easy Broccoli Casserole - Cheap Dinner Recipes

2. Best Ever Chicken Bake – this firm family favourite has just a few ingredients, is so easy to prepare and is a tasty, cheesy chicken bake.  

Cheap Easy Healthy Meals - Best ever chicken bake


3. Brussels Sprouts Gratin – a cheesy, veggie dinner that’s a great way to enjoy sprouts when they are in season. (They have been 49c a bag here lately, so I have been enjoying them regularly to take advantage of the bounty.) 

Brussels Sprouts Gratin - easy low carb dinner idea

4. Smoky Paprika Chicken Tray Bake – a frugal way to enjoy chicken – in a one pan tray bake with in season vegetables. 

Cheap Easy Healthy Meal Idea - Low Carb Chicken Tray Bake

5. Low Carb Vegetable Soup – soup can be a filling meal, when packed with in season vegetables and topped with a swirl of sour cream. 

Quick and Easy Dinner Idea - Low Carb Vegetable Soup

6. Creamy Tuna 2 Minute Zoodles – a Ketogenic Diet friendly version of 2 minute noodles, which takes no time at all to prepare and is WAY better than the carby version. 

2 minute zoodles - cheap dinner ideas

7. Authentic Irish Corned Beef and Cabbage – a frugal dish that’s made the way Irish locals enjoy it, simply with a side of buttery cabbage. 

Authentic Irish Corned Beef and Cabbage - Frugal dinner idea

8. Creamy Broccoli Salad – a hearty salad that’s great to make ahead and have a meal waiting in the fridge for you. 

Keto Broccoli Salad - Cheap Easy Healthy Meal Idea

9. One Pan Cauliflower Mac and Cheese – an quick and easy way to enjoy mac and cheese that’s Keto Diet friendly. 

Budget meal idea - cauliflower mac and cheese

10. Hearty Beef Stew – you can use the cheapest cut of meat you can find, chop it into bite sized pieces and cook slowly, along with your choice of vegetables. 

Keto Beef Stew - Dinner on a budget idea

11. Green Shakshuka – nothing stopping you from enjoying breakfast for dinner, and a shakshuka is a great, rounded meal. You can include any in season green vegetables and complete the dish with feta or goats cheese. 

Breakfast for dinner idea - cheap and easy budget meals

12. Beef and Mushroom Soup – an easy soup that has just a few ingredients but is hearty and warming. 

Beef and Mushroom Soup - Easy Keto Meal on a budget

13. Breakfast Casserole – another breakfast for dinner option is breakfast casserole. Simply saute your favourite breakfast vegetables and meats, pop into a casserole dish, top with whisked eggs and cheese and then bake in the oven.

Breakfast Casserole - keto on a budget meal idea

14. Rib Ragu – a cheap meal with meltingly tender meat that’s great enjoyed with cauliflower mash. 

Keto Rib Ragu Recipe

15. Low Carb Tuna Noodle Casserole – a quick, easy, cheap way to enjoy a low carb version of tuna noodle casserole.

Low Carb Tuna Noodle Casserole - Cheap Dinner Recipes

As you can tell, there are loads of cheap easy healthy meals that you can enjoy no matter your tastes and whether you feel like a meaty or vegetarian dinner. 

15 Cheap Easy Healthy Meals - Low Carb & Keto Diet friendly dinners that are quick to prepare and budget friendly. 

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